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Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3 on mad marathon mission
When I started this blog, it was to track my progress from an occasional kayaker to taking on the Devizes to Westminster non stop 125 race. Little did I know that would start me on a long distance obsession which has resulted in my completing the 30th Marathon des Sables. It has been a strange and sometimes painful ... but always wonderfully challenging journey

This is my occasional account of a middle-age mother's attempt to take on things which are really quite beyond her.


crawlingkiwiby crawlingkiwiDec 19th 2010
Have decided to undertake the DW (125 mile canoe race) at Easter next year. Lots of things could go wrong before then, but it feels so good to have an aim and a definitive goal. Along the way there will be some Waterside Races and hopefully a huge gain in fitness. Lots of running and swimming, mixed in with the paddling.

Since offering to be a K2 partner 2 days ago, I took to the river yesterday in driving snow ... and loved it. Admittedly I wasn't as keen to go today as it looked damned cold out there, but my first paddle with my partner was fairly successful. I know we could manage the 4 day event but we think we'll aim for the 24 hour through the night version ... we can always change just before the race to the 4 day, if we have real doubts.

It's quite an undertaking for someone of my age, (lack of) fitness, with a very fulltime job and 3 kids - but having spent so long driving the girls around to events and training, I think it's my time. I want to do the DW with Maddie in 2012, possibly as the first mother/daughter pair, when she turns 15.

in the meantime, i need to do my best NOT to eat my bodyweight in chocolate, or I'll sink the boat!!

So training so far? Chilly and difficult yesterday (couldn't see because of the snow in my eyes) but absolutely beautiful. Cold today, nervy in a K2 for the first time, but fun.

This is something I definitely want to do. Middle-aged, middle-weight, mother of 3, takes to the frozen river.
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