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Irrational fear of triathlon training
I have just completed my first season of triathlon at the age of 50 and now it is completed i have the urge to start writing a blog as a way of getting me over quite a few mental triathlon blocks. my background is track hurdling in my youth (my youth years continued into my 30's before serious ankle injury kept me inactive for a few years) and I say 'season' loosely, i'd planned 6 events, one a month to keep me focused on training but with each distinctly different. 2 spring duathlons and 4 triathlons, illness kept me out of one duathlon but 5 events now completed. However each event and training session seems to have been fraught with incident which caused and still causes an irrational fear to get out training.
I intend to expand and overcome these fears on a daily basis as i train and plan my races for next year. My races this year have been mainly sprint with one standard distance but next year plan to do at least one middle distance. This in itself starts a fear of not getting a race space as i know entries have already opened and closed on some races. Can anyone recommend a fairly flat middle distance race that they have done this year and know that entries have yet to open, i would be interested to hear about them, thanks

fear of running in the dark and bigly steps

cymruandyby cymruandySep 21st 2013
Due to work and family etc it becomes unavoidable at this time of year that some of my training has to be done after it has gone dark, however i have to force myself out of the house to do it and overcome the fear of what lies out there.It is not that i live in a rough area with gangs of feral youths roaming waiting to mug me of my trainers, far from it i live a nice area with tree lined avenues but that is the problem. The roots of the trees cause the pavements to be somewhat undulating and in the dark i cannot see where my feet are landing. I have twice ended up on my back in someones driveway preceded by that ungainly overstriding with ones nose moving ever closer to the tarmac then having to perform a BAGA 4 forward roll to avoid taking the skin off my face. I often run with my dog so on landing my first view is a wet dog nose 3 inches from my face, i'm confused as to how i got into this position and she just looks down on me as if to say what the hell are you doing down there?. This week i have run twice in the dark, the full moon has shone bright and lit up the road but in turn this has caused the trees to cast shadows across the paths and i find myself doing a weird tiptoe stride waiting for pending disaster. Thankfully all has been well physically and i'm surprised at how different this week has been compared to last week. A week ago i was fearing that calf was pulled due to it's sorness and tightness and would be putting me out of action for a while but it has loosened and resulted in me running a 4 mile in 31 mins on an out and back couse, no great time but 17.30 mins out and 13.30 back i was pleased. My stride seems to be getting more bigly, this is not a grammatical or spelling error but an expression used this week by my youngest son. Our 7 year old son complained that he had just been kicked by our 5 year old, when confronted our 5 year old calmly explained that he had not kicked him and that he had only been doing bigly steps and our 7 year old was in the way. Thankfully i didn't connect with anything with my bigly running strides and didn't have to pick myself up out of driveways this week.
fannyjaneby member: fannyjane, Sep 26th 2013 11:35
I know exactly how you feel about running in the dark. The other morning I went for a run and it was dark and foggy - autumnal double whammy!
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