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Irrational fear of triathlon training
I have just completed my first season of triathlon at the age of 50 and now it is completed i have the urge to start writing a blog as a way of getting me over quite a few mental triathlon blocks. my background is track hurdling in my youth (my youth years continued into my 30's before serious ankle injury kept me inactive for a few years) and I say 'season' loosely, i'd planned 6 events, one a month to keep me focused on training but with each distinctly different. 2 spring duathlons and 4 triathlons, illness kept me out of one duathlon but 5 events now completed. However each event and training session seems to have been fraught with incident which caused and still causes an irrational fear to get out training.
I intend to expand and overcome these fears on a daily basis as i train and plan my races for next year. My races this year have been mainly sprint with one standard distance but next year plan to do at least one middle distance. This in itself starts a fear of not getting a race space as i know entries have already opened and closed on some races. Can anyone recommend a fairly flat middle distance race that they have done this year and know that entries have yet to open, i would be interested to hear about them, thanks

irrational fear of triathlon training

cymruandyby cymruandySep 2nd 2013
To kick off my winter training with a long term view of half ironman i have just entered 2 half marathons, Portishead and Avr Wiltshire. last half marathon i did was in 2005 when i hit wall big time and completed in 1.49ish, after passing 10k in 44mins. i vowed there and then not to attempt such foolish distances again and have never run further than 10k since as have fear of hitting wall and walking when i should be running, told you they were irrational fears. until this weekend i never have. i managed 7 miles on saturday in 58.30. last mile was very slow but did keep going.
This weeks training has started with an experiment, i have discovered a cycle path about 6 miles away, i have only lived here for 10 years for heavens sake and never new it existed!! the experiment was running along with my 2 boys who cycled. Being 5 and 7 with stabilisers it was never going to be fast but they thoroughly enjoyed it and so did i, we managed 30mins and i estimate it was about 3 miles. They and i can't wait for the weekend for a repeat, in the meantime i have an early morning 5 miler to look forward.
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