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Irrational fear of triathlon training
I have just completed my first season of triathlon at the age of 50 and now it is completed i have the urge to start writing a blog as a way of getting me over quite a few mental triathlon blocks. my background is track hurdling in my youth (my youth years continued into my 30's before serious ankle injury kept me inactive for a few years) and I say 'season' loosely, i'd planned 6 events, one a month to keep me focused on training but with each distinctly different. 2 spring duathlons and 4 triathlons, illness kept me out of one duathlon but 5 events now completed. However each event and training session seems to have been fraught with incident which caused and still causes an irrational fear to get out training.
I intend to expand and overcome these fears on a daily basis as i train and plan my races for next year. My races this year have been mainly sprint with one standard distance but next year plan to do at least one middle distance. This in itself starts a fear of not getting a race space as i know entries have already opened and closed on some races. Can anyone recommend a fairly flat middle distance race that they have done this year and know that entries have yet to open, i would be interested to hear about them, thanks

Irrational fear of triathlon training

cymruandyby cymruandySep 4th 2013
Yesterdays early morning run didn't materialiise, i was up early and was prepared to run, but a nagging fear was bugging me that i would only run about 3 miles max due to time restriction and it seemed dark and chilly ! (was that rational or irrational ?) and wanted to do more. so instead planned a luchtime run if the mornings jobs went to plan, (i work as a self employed gardener), luckily they did and by lunchtime i was nearby to the newly discovered cycle path so a quick change in the car park i set off in warm weather with a plan of running 20 mins out and 20 mins back, i extended this to 24mins out and 23 mins back which i equated at my usiual speed to be 6 miles ish. the cycle path was shaded, nice, odd cyclist passing, nice, bit of bike watching always good, i may have inadvertantly upset one when a chap on a mountain bike seemed to take forever to catch up and overtake me on a section that may have been on a slight incline and my running speed would have been barely 7 mph, my comment just as he was about to pass of 'come on u should be speeding past me' barely raised a smile on his face, it wasn't until he was level and passing that i noticed he was sweating more than me and and i estimate about 4 stone above obese level, oops, my comment should have been a bit more encouraging, he was out doing something, sorry if that sounds patronising.
I have a fear when running of encountering other runners which makes me feel inadequate, didn't meet any today. I have a fear of dogs whilst running (scars on my body probably makes this a rational fear), passed loads luckily only old soppy ones more interested in following a scent on the ground than me. I have a fear of horses and cows (big time fear this one) surely i am safe from this one on a cycle path?, nope after a mile or so coming the other way was a frigging horse and rider, what's the etiquette of passing a horse on a cycle path? when running on a bridle path i would and have stopped, moved to the side and let them pass (usually hiding behind a tree cos the potential damage those rear hooves can do scare the bejesuz out of me, it is there path and i am encroaching on there territory, nuff said, they are the boss, however on a cycle path do i stop? should i stop? unsure and as the the inevitable passing loomed too quickly i slowed a little went as far to the edge of the path as possible and hoped the rider and horse would move onto the grass verge on their side which was at least 20 feet wide but yep no such luck, i cringe as we pass, yep it's the unpredictable jittery sideways prancing (the horse not me), it kicks out a little but luckily i escape the hoof, so many things annoy me in those situations, mainly my fear of such large beasts but also it's the unpredictabillity of the encounter. I can't control the animal, can it's rider? i grew up around animals, i kinda understand them but how many times did it get spooked on it's outing yesterday? poor creature.
Anyway, for me this was a long run, legs stiffened so decided on rest day today, another fear ! am i just being lazy or should i be out running and hoping stiffness will go. I procrastinated and it is too late now, a rest day it is.
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