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This is just a place for me to say what I am doing, 2011 is also my first year of triathlon

Conquer(ing) the hills

dbristowby dbristowMay 13th 2011
Not really being an expert on bikes it has come as no surprise to me that I have been (possibly) using the wrong combo of cassette and chain set for a while now. I should have realised in Lanzarote when everybody was leaving me at the bottom of every hill that we came up against. I thought it was down to being of larger build than your average Joe but it turns out it may be something mechanical, or at least I hope so...of course my mind is constantly playing tricks on me. Like the Snickers bar at lunchtime is justification for completing the hard interval session or that a bottle of red wine is good for you (maybe the 2nd bottle was a bit too much!). But really I think I cracked it and tomorrow I find out the truth with my first ride on the new gear...anyway I am sure that my mind will tell me whatever I need to know..
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