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This is just a place for me to say what I am doing, 2011 is also my first year of triathlon

My quest for Open Water affection

dbristowby dbristowMay 15th 2011
The quest is to "love Open Water swimming", this started over a year ago with first open swim at Wimbleball lake. This did not go well at is was just 9d and later on the same day broke my collarbone coming off the bike. So this year the quest has started again and it needs to be achieved soon! 5 weeks until the Dambuster Triathlon at Rutland. Therefore first swim was done at Cotswold Water Park which was a training day (Nadia from BADTri was assisting) and this was a very informative day, covering sighting, turns and different starts - a good thing for a newbie. It was also a much pleasant experience than first time and the water was a balmy 18d. It was warmer in the water than it was outside. So back to today, so having joined BADTri last week I managed to get on the Open Water session at Henleaze (places go fast) - the water was 14d so colder than I expected. I started slowly, building up my confidence until I managed to swim some laps with stopping (I can swim the distance easily in the pool). I stayed in for approx. 40mins and I can say that the fear or the doubts that I had previously are fading fast. I need to go back in there in 2 weeks time and swim 7 laps non stop in prep for the Dambuster a few weeks later. That will be a challenge itself, next thing is can I get the wetsuit off without having to sit down and do it - judging my today's attempts, I am not sure that I can actually stand properly after getting out of the water - I swaggered out of the lake in a zig zag fashion with aplomb!
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