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My Year of Challenge
8 challenges to celebrate each decade of my Mums life

First Of My Challenges

debbiepby debbiepMar 28th 2013
The first of my eight challenges was a night 10k run in Ashton Court.

The weather was wet and muddy, but slightly better than the afternoon which had thunder and lightning and hail.

The race started at 7 pm, but had to arrive an hour earlier to pick up timing chip. Due to cold and drizzle most of the racers huddled in Ashton Court Manor. People wore fancy dress and the horror makeup was really good.

At 6.50 pm racers started lining up in readiness for start with music blaring in the background.

I was a bit nervous as it was my first night race and the first time I used a head torch, but I was ok as I had my fantastic hubby Tim (Timbo) to help me get me to the finish line.

Five, four, three, two, one start, remembering not to set out too fast. The first part was on tarmac then through a muddy field before the start of the first climb. All you could see in the distance little lights flickering like a caterpillar weaving it's way through Ashton Court.

We climb up past the golf course before turning down into the wood which was good as it was less windy. While running in the woods we could hear screams and laughter so we knew that soon people would be jumping out on us, which they did. Tim spotted one hiding behind a tree so he hid round the other side playing peekaboo.

Following the trail paths parts were slippery in which I jarred my shoulder, which didn't help as I have a frozen shoulder.

The race consisted of two loops with us going through the field which was now more mud than field. You have chuckle when you try and lift feet and trainers stay in mud. Back on Tarmac, finishing line in distance. I try and dig deep, especially as one Macmillan volunteer shouting encouragement.

Had to run over finish line a few times as my timing chip was kegged in mud.

With teeshirt in hand, cold, wet, muddy but very happy, made way back to car. When asked if I do that race again, the answer was definitely yes.

I would like to say a big thank you to all my friends who have sponsored me on my challenges. I wish you all a great and happy year and you all accomplish what you wish for.

Challenge two was Forest of Dean half marathon was postponed last weekend due to snow. I will have to find another event or be able to take part on the new date if calendar permits.

Next up is the Belfast Marathon at the beginning of May.
First Of My Challenges
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