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The best is yet to come!

debbiepby debbiepDec 23rd 2013
It's almost the end of the year and it's fair to say it hasn't turned out as I'd expected. If you've read my previous blogs you'll know about the various trials and tribulations, suffice to say the last couple of years have been pretty difficult and to be honest sport hasn't been at the top of my priority list.

However, I set myself a challenge to raise some money in memory of my Mum and although I only managed to complete 4 of the planned 8 events I have already exceeded my charity target. So in 2014 I am going to redouble my efforts, complete the remaining 4 events and aim to double the current charity total. This time sadly it will be in memory of both my Mum and Dad.

During the last couple of months we have been busy planning our events for next year, starting with a big party for my 'special' Birthday in January.

So far the line-up looks like this:-

Remaining 4 Challenge Events

· Longleat 10k
· Race to the Stones Day 2 (52k ultra)
· Challenge Weymouth (running the marathon With Tim doing the swim and bike)
· Berlin Marathon

Just for Fun

· Night Terror 10k
· Adidas Thunder Run

I'm sure that there will be more added along the way but for now these are enough to help motivate the training.

At long last I also seem to be making some progress with my frozen shoulder. On the recommendation of Kim Ingleby I have been having a course of acupuncture. The results are quite promising, the range of movement is improving and I can now even wash my hair using 2 hands!! It will be interesting to see whether the pain will improve as well, at least I should find out by the middle of January.

To everyone who has helped and supported me through the year, thank you, I really appreciate it and I look forward to sharing my 2014 challenges with you all.
The best is yet to come!
fannyjaneby member: fannyjane, Dec 23rd 2013 21:49
I'm sorry to hear you've had such a hard year. But so brilliant that you're not letting the difficult stuff stand in your way. Looks like you've got some fun and challenging goals to look forward to next year. Sending love and luck your way. X
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