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Things Dont Get Any Easier!

debbiepby debbiepJul 11th 2013
It's been a long time since my last post. That one was all about setbacks leading to the difficult decision to pull out of the Belfast Marathon.

Unfortunately things haven't got any easier, my frozen shoulder is still causing me significant trouble and at the beginning of May my Dad passed away after a short illness.

Since then life has been so hectic with many things to sort out and training has really taken a real back seat, so it was a bit of a shock to find myself travelling to Nottingham last weekend to take on the run leg of the Outlaw Triathlon.

The thought of what on earth am I doing did cross my mind on more than one occasion especially as I was stood waiting in the pen with all the other relay runners wondering what time my husband was going to complete the bike leg. It was also nagging at me that trying to run a marathon with less than ideal training on the hottest day of the year may not be the actions of a totally sane person.

But the Outlaw was a central part of my year of challenges and with everything that has happened in the year so far I wanted to give it a go. Well I gave it my best shot but had to retire at about 15 miles, totally overheated and quite dehydrated.

Funnily enough although I was disappointed not to finish the race it's also made me feel quite uplifted; I have got my challenges back on track.

So next on the agenda the Adidas Thunder Run, I can now relax and look forward to a really enjoyable weekend with a great bunch of team mates.

Next time I will report back on the Thunder Run and share my updated list of challenges.

Until then, happy racing.
martinkilbby member: martinkilb, Jul 15th 2013 23:03
Well done Debbie for giving it a go - it must have been scorching! Hope you're OK - look forward to the next challenge.
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