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Thundering On

debbiepby debbiepJul 29th 2013
Just got back from a fantastic weekend at the Adidas Thunder Run, it was everything that I hoped it would be and more! Great atmosphere, great venue, great organisation, great racing, some truly outstanding athletes and best of all sharing all this with a bunch of wonderful team mates. Even the eight hours of torrential rain canĀ't take the shine off the event.

If IĀ'm honest I think that this was the event that I was looking forward to the most out of my original list of challenges. The number 8 is central to my challenges and it seemed symbolic that I could enter a team of 8 people for this event and share the experience with a group of friends.

The format is very simple, the course consists of a 10k loop, a mixture of fields and woodland trails and the winner is the person or team that completes the most laps in a 24 hour period. On the day we had a last minute withdrawal due to injury so seven of us took to the line in the company of 2700 other runners to take on the Thunder Run.

Our team was a complete mix, from novices, though triathletes and finally some hardened ultra-runners. We decided that it would be wise to let the more experienced runners do the early laps and feed in the novices once the course had settled down a little. The key rule for the teams was that once the final line-up was registered, each runner must complete a minimum of 1 lap for the team to be classed as finishers. With my recent lack of training due to injury I donĀ't mind admitting that I was pretty apprehensive when it came time for me to do a lap. I desperately wanted to get round as quickly as possible but more importantly get that all important lap under my belt so that the team would get a finish.

Things started off pretty well and I got to the 5k mark without too much difficulty and then the heavens opened! The earlier runners had all been complaining about the heat, well that changed pretty quickly as the torrential rain was accompanied by tremendous thunder and lightning. What had once been dusty trails through the trees quickly turned into a slippery quagmire waiting to catch the unwary. So the second half of my lap was pretty challenging, but I made it and handed the baton onto the next runner in our team. This really made up for the disappointment of not finishing the marathon at the Outlaw and has given me the confidence that I have got my challenge back on track.

Next up is the Bristol Half marathon, the 25th anniversary race for this event. It will be even more special as my Niece has also entered and this will be her first ever event. We have decided that we are going to run it together.

Once that is completed I will have done 4 of my challenge events. I think the remainder will now be next year hopefully giving me the time to get my shoulder properly fixed and get back into regular training.

Oh yes, how many laps did we complete at the Thunder Run? We had an aim of completing 1 lap per hour giving us a target of 24 laps. Well we managed the 1 lap per hour, unfortunately the team decided that being in a sleeping bag under canvas during the torrential rain was a far more attractive option than running so we only had people on the course for 17 hours leading to a grand total of 17 laps!! At least it gives us a soft target to beat when we come back next year.
Thundering On
twiggyby member: twiggy, Jul 29th 2013 18:13
Brilliant effort, and rather fetching vests! ;)
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