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Part Timer
Part Timer
The lads as school who have to occupy themselves during games throwing discuss, javelin and shotput! That was me, a long, long time ago. So not a good start to my sporting career. Basically, I've never been good at sport. Trying to make up for it now in enthusiasm.

Half Ironman Readiness test

doogiecby doogiecSep 21st 2010
The 12 mile run last night convinced me I was not ready.

I thought the test would be a good one as I'd done a long and very hilly bike ride with the lads the day before.
With places still available on the half iron man distance race, I was desperate to give it a go.
And someone once told me if you can do the 3 disciplines on consecutive days, you're ready.
If I'd finished with more in the tank it might have been different.

Have been concentrating on the ride this year, to the detriment of my running.

So with the season drawing to a close, that's probably the last chance.

I'll do a few runs to see me through the winter and keep the motivation up.

Gives me a target for next year, looking on the bright side!!
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