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Part Timer
Part Timer
The lads as school who have to occupy themselves during games throwing discuss, javelin and shotput! That was me, a long, long time ago. So not a good start to my sporting career. Basically, I've never been good at sport. Trying to make up for it now in enthusiasm.

On the Up

doogiecby doogiecNov 24th 2010
This has been a dismal season for me. Bronchitis for my key race, the Bournemouth Triathlon, couple of dodgy 10k run races, and cancellation of the littledown triathlon.

So have picked it up a bit now that the season is over. Just completed the Wimborne 10 mile run in 1 hr 27 mins, a distance I hadn't run in a race, and perhaps only a couple of times in training.

Recovering from the inevitable cramps, this weekend I have a 10k race. Now if I could just post a sub 50 minute time, that would be ideal.

Few weeks back, finished the reliability ride with the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers. Being 50 miles, was good to finish that one. The last couple of hills were absolute agony to me.

Quite happy that am making progress now that the year is drawing to an end.
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