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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

Chocolate brownie overdose

edwarmaby edwarmaNov 9th 2009
Friday - special forces style Blair witch run Friday night, with fireworks and all sorts. Next time it's hiding behind trees and jumping in ditches...will pretend that this is for balance and core stability....

Saturday - properly wet and cold bike ride (second half anyway...) just as a reminder that it's really not summertime anymore - longs, overshoes, can't feel my fingers, the works.

Great session with the BAD Kids in the afternoon, top ideas from Mr B including hopping races (strangely popular). In these times of economic hardship and conflict it restores one's faith in humanity when young Archie, faced with the choice of how to spend a hypothetical £45m lottery win, opts for "a watermelon!".

Sunday - another good run sunday morning round the woods, followed by some NLP practice with a very gifted athlete, and then made a Guy for Phil's humungous Fire - great evening Phil, I want to do that every week! Awesome brownies.
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