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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

Pizza-eating competitions

edwarmaby edwarmaJan 19th 2010
If you happen to be a Bristol resident, or are merely visiting this great city, then head to Pizza Provencal in Clifton*. They recommend their large pizzas are "suitable for 3-4 people" which is obviously a blatant throwing-down of a gauntlet if ever I saw one.

I have personally completed said challenge on two occasions now in the last month. I have witnessed others do likewise and, indeed, consume dessert aswell.

You want to get 2010 going with a top-notch achievement? Pizza eating is the way forward.

Tomorrow - Rockatillos and Scoobyburgers!

*I am not officially related to or endorsed by Pizza Provencal (though I can dream). Other Pizza/eating challenges are available.

In other news...

How to balance swimming, biking, running....

As a coach I'm getting quite a few questions at the moment about how best to make improvements in all three of the main triathlon disciplins (I say 'main disciplins' because eating, kit-buying, eating, baking, eating and napping seem not to worry people so much!).

Finding time to swim 3 or 4 times a week, run the same, and get in a long bike ride or two on top of all the rest of life's commitments is a challenge, and for most people something has to give.

The first thing I tend to say about this is - don't panic. At this time of year when a lot of people are at least thinking about ramping up their training, if not going full-bore into high volume, there can be a lot of perceived pressure to get better quickly.

The race season for most of us however is still a long way away, and there is plenty of time. Most athletes who achieve their goals do so by being consistent in their training, and by only gradually upping the stakes in ways that are relevant to them personally.

So point one - take your time, note your progress in some way, and be confident that if you put in quality training, you will get better.

Onto point two!

Progressing in swimming, cycling and running all at the same time is generally a big ask. What often works better is to plan how you might focus on 2 out of the 3 at any one time, while maintaining the third. As an example, many people will give more attention to running and swimming through till March or even early April, with cycling taking second place - still important, but second place. Then during April/May and into the period when a lot of target races happen, cycling and brick sessions become more important, and high running/swimming volume tend to reduce.

As with point one, the quality of what you do is key. A good way to help this happen is to always understand what you are going to achieve in any training session. It can be something very simple - "practice looking ahead while I run" or "make my bilateral breathing more relaxed": knowing what you're doing and WHY is hugely valuable.

So to sum up three challenges:

1 - be patient, and know that you'll get out what you put in (otherwise known as Zen and the Art of Triathlon!)
2 - give yourself an aim for every training session
3 - eat a 4-man pizza with your bare hands and without the aid of a safety net...

Good luck to you!
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