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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

Take a look at yourself and then make that....change!

edwarmaby edwarmaNov 16th 2009
Ah MJ, come back, all is forgiven (actually not all. Not by a long shot).

Ok back to triathlon...

Having got over end of season races, and perhaps even (shock!) started training for next year, there's bound to be a list of things you might currently be vowing to do, or not do, for the coming winter.

Stuff like "train more and harder" or "eat less cr*p" is pretty common. But almost useless as far as goals go...

What works better is to narrow your goals down to 2 or 3 really specific things, which you can get started on TODAY. And once you have these in your mind, just do them.

It's the Jedi way - don't try, or tell yourself you'll try. Just do.

Use the language of action and achievement, it really does work....

"I will eat breakfast every day"
"I go running on Fridays, no matter what the weather"
"I will do one weights session a week from now on".

Have a play with that, it will work!
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