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Matt's multisport musings...
Matt's multisport musings...

where is the past and where is the future?

edwarmaby edwarmaNov 24th 2009
More interesting thoughts on sports psychology...stand up, and now point to the past and point to the future; where are they for you? Your view of time can indicate some preferences about you deal with the world, which may well help with planning your race tactics to achieve success - particularly if you're racing in pairs or teams and need to motivate each other!

More coming on that, meanwhile if you bump into me then ask me what on earth I'm on about!

Currently in the life of Coach Matt we have a top banana night our for the BAD Tri ball, not stayed up that late for a VERY long time. Is jogging home at 430am in a DJ normal behaviour?

Still practising the NLP techniques and having some good results, and this weekend it's the Sleepwalker 20 mile night-time trail race from Talybont on Usk (starts at 6pm, most unusual), and then a 3 hour track session Sunday lunchtime in Newport...nap coming up sunday afternoon I think!
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