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Hello I am a former swimmer (about 15 years ago) turned Triathlete. Got into Triathlon in spring 08, as part of a get fit campaign trained hard all winter. Instantly got the bug & now starting to enter events.

its that time again.

eggmanby eggmanOct 5th 2009
So I have had a few weeks off from training & taken in some good R&R. Had time to reflect on my races & look at where improvements can be made ready for next season.
On assessment my Swim is not too shabby, but will need to continue on improving stamina & speed. Its my cylcing & running that really needs the attention, running at 5km was about 20-22min dependant on course so need to focus on getting that down & maintaining for a longer distance. Cycling is an area where i hope to notice the biggest difference. I must be commited to getting in some serious milage in over the winter. I have access to a turbo trainer so there really is no excuse.

So it is today that i embark on training for races next year. My plan is to step up from sprint distance to standard / Olympic distance, With my 'A' race being the Mazda London Triathlon in August 2010. Over the course of the winter & next spring it is all about getting used to those distances & really putting in the hard effort, after all you only get out what you put in right!.

October - November is purely aimed at looking at technique across the three disciplines. Whcih equals nice easy training to break me back into things.

From November through to spring is where i plan to build the distance & base fittness, I know that this is going to be hard, especially the early morning sessions during the bleak winter....brrrrrr.

Hopefully by spring i will have a good level of fittness & will be able to start concentrating on speed over the required distances. I plan to enter a duathlon & a 10km race at this point.

Feel free to follow my progress & if anyone has any training suggestions or race recommendations, please comment.

Kind regards
eggmanby eggman Jul 24th 2009
Just a quickie, to say that i just did a skydive....gave me the same sort of buzz i get from racing. love that rush.. not much to do with triathlon really, apart from the buzz. ...
june/july updates.
eggmanby eggman Jul 8th 2009
Hello Bloggers, Just a few updates of training / events etc... Back into swing of things with the running, went out for a cracker last night. Managed to find a local trail route that someone had the idea of laying excercise stations
world of pain
eggmanby eggman Jun 26th 2009
Hello, Just a quickie to say, i think my swim coach is the Hitler reborn!.. He absolutley beasted us last night in the pool. nice easy lengthy warm up, lots of drills etc... then hit us with the lactic acid removal set of: 10x50m Flat out -...
quick blog
eggmanby eggman Jun 22nd 2009
Just a quickie to say im loving the bike at the mo. definatley my weakest of the three so im putting in extra hours & miles on the Bike & really enjoying it.. Havent got any races coming up until september. Due to family / holiday commitments I am un...
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