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Hello I am a former swimmer (about 15 years ago) turned Triathlete. Got into Triathlon in spring 08, as part of a get fit campaign trained hard all winter. Instantly got the bug & now starting to enter events.

heavy session

eggmanby eggmanMay 19th 2009
Oh my god i am absolutley shattered..Trained in the pool last night, worked at high levels was absolutley pumped straight afterwards but feeling it now!.

Another long warm up last night, with some sprint work in and then the main set which was:

6x100m Threshhold Pace @1:20 with 20secs rest
4x50m active cool down

6x100m Threshold Pace @1:20 with 20secs rest
4x50m Cool down

1st 100m @ Threshold pace +10secs
2nd 100m @ Threshhold Pace +6secs
3rd 100m @ Threshhold Pace +3-4secs
4th 100m @ Threshold Pace
5th 100m @ Threshold Pace

Total Session was 3000m, Not too long but there was some hard work thrown in there.

Got a nice gentle run down by the river at lunch cant wait.
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