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Hello I am a former swimmer (about 15 years ago) turned Triathlete. Got into Triathlon in spring 08, as part of a get fit campaign trained hard all winter. Instantly got the bug & now starting to enter events.

june/july updates.

eggmanby eggmanJul 8th 2009
Hello Bloggers,

Just a few updates of training / events etc...

Back into swing of things with the running, went out for a cracker last night. Managed to find a local trail route that someone had the idea of laying excercise stations around...brilliant, a few laps equals around 10Km, there are loads of little steep hills with steps to climb, & the sporadic work stations included: Squat thrusts, Pressups, Situps, Chin ups, & Tri Dips..It was excellent mixing some speed work & bursts of energy on the workstaions, then just a gentle 5km Jog home.

Going out for a 4.5mile Tempo run at lunch today, going for sub 30mins.

Entered the Hardwick Sprint Triathlon in August, Looking forward to that one, 750m Open swim, 20Km Bike & 5Km run..Hoping for a time of sub 1hr15m but we shall see. Just planning to use this one as a 'B' Event to reherse & try things out ahead of of the Cotswold Sprint triathlon in september which is going to be my 'A' Race of the season.

Also I am going to do an ironman swim at the lake in the cotswolds, as part of a charity swim for "Friends of Sean". Who is a young lad who had a bad accident whilst mountain biking which has left him paralysed from the neck down. The swim is organised to aid him in is life. You can find out more by looking on the waterland uk website.

I am planning to get up to the lake this saturday morning for a big swim, gonna sling the bike in the back of the car & take her out for a fast ride too. Never know i might even throwin a run & have myself a mini triathlon.

anyway have fun
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