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Hello I am a former swimmer (about 15 years ago) turned Triathlete. Got into Triathlon in spring 08, as part of a get fit campaign trained hard all winter. Instantly got the bug & now starting to enter events.

My First Tri-Blog

eggmanby eggmanMay 13th 2009
My First Tri-Blog
I am sat here at work on a drizzly wednesday morning still buzzing from my first triathlon which i completed at the weekend. I took part in the Tri-Ferris Cotswold Super Sprint, Which consisted of a 400m (Lake Swim), 20Km Bike & 5Km Run.
I absolutley loved it! The sun was shining everyone was in good spirits. Its was a well organised event, great day. I was quite happy with how i raced too.
With the Mass Lake start I knew i was going to have to blast the first 100m just to get some clear water, what i didnt know was just how much that was going to take out of me for the rest of the swim, luckily as soon as i got some clear water i managed to slip into a nice easy stroke. Came in from the swim in 06:58 Which was not bad as after the climb up a steep bank it had a 100m run to transistion. The Elite athletes were coming in at 6 ish minutes, so over all good swim. T1 was ok, wetsuit came off fine & i was off onto the bike. Bike started off well then horror struck as my chain come off when shifting to the big cog!! I jumped off to get it going ASAP. As i was fixing it, all i could hear was the whoosh of my fellow competitors (that i was ahead of in the swim) go riding by. I was soon back on the bike & had some serious ground to make up. The bike ride conditions were great, a nice flat route around the cotswolds. T2 was quick & before i knew it i was starting my 5km run. I was expecting the bike to run jelly legs to kick in but i actually felt ok. Had a good run and felt elated as i crossed the finish line. Before the race i had set myself a target time of 1:20, & i managed to come in at 1:11 :o).

Looking back at the race my weakness was definatley my bike..I did the 20Km in 41 minutes which i was happy with at the time, but i think with a bit of training I can get that down quite alot. I was really happy with my run at 20:42 (pb) I was expecting to run it ina bout 23-24 minutes so was well chuffed.

Cant wait for the next one. But for now its back to work & family life.

guy.douglassby member: guy.douglass, May 15th 2009 13:49
What a great first event for you!

I was there too and thoroughly enjoyed it (in fact I think Cheltenham Tri had more competitors there than any other club). You've got really good swim and run times, so get on that bike and you'll be unstoppable!
With the bike what made the difference for me was buying a turbo trainer and religiously getting on it through the winter. Boring, but what a difference the next season.
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