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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Distance is Key?

exmrtrobby exmrtrobJan 14th 2013
Its been eight months since I started this journey of mine. And it has been hard. I swim, run and bike most days of the week, while working 10 hrs a day for 5 of those. Its tough on me physically and tough on the family as my training every day grates on them and gets on the way of their plans.
It's tough to find a compromise. I have in my training plan covered a total distance that equates to me travelling from home to Gibraltar! by swimming, cycling and running! I must be mad.
Now my wife and kids are talking of a Summer holiday, and this falls right in the middle of an endurance phase of training where I intended to take some time off work, but to use this time training. I am not popular in our house. I could (if we can afford it) take my bike on this holiday and train very early in the morning and late afternoon thereby spending the majority of my day with the family "enjoying" trips and beach time, but it depends entirely where they want to go. I'm all for a quiet corner of a Balearic Island, which would be bike friendly in traffic but that idea is likely to go down like a lead balloon.
Our last family holiday was in Oman, and I wouldn't recommend driving a small compact car in Muscat, let alone a push bike! It's insane! And the countryside roads are even worse. Cyprus before that and there too, the traffic is deadly.
So while I try and compromise with my family...will they compromise with me? I doubt it.
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Jan 28th 2013 13:46
There are holidays out there that can cater for both a relaxing and active audience. You could try contacting an active holiday site like training escapes to see what they offer for families. Or plan to have a mainly swim/run/strength orientated plan while you're away and get up early and get it done before breakfast?
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Feb 25th 2013 14:46
Somewhere like Tritopia in France caters for the training triathlete but also the non-athlete members of the family, or you could try Lanzarote but then you might get a taste for tackling the Ironman...
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