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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Hell Week Begins

exmrtrobby exmrtrobAug 27th 2013
After racing Sunday and suffering throughout I have the week off work.
It started Monday with a 1.5km Recovery Swim. Drills, Distance, Kick Sets, the whole nine yards. This was followed by a spin ride through the valley. 29km of gentle spinning through low gears to get rid of some lactic acid from the legs.
I was given 'The Death Stare' upon my return home, so it was a trip to the beach. An enjoyable hour two out with wife, child and dog.
Tuesday morning is a normal work day for the rest of the world but I took advantage for the first time of the early pool opening and knocked out three 20 minute endurance sets with 2 minute recovery between sets. Pace was good, and consistent and 122 lengths of the 25m pool got crushed.
Back home to change the clothing and get some gels etc and a visit to the office was required. I rode the 36km to work to fix a software problem and finish a report and rode home a different route of 43km. After a nice weather day it poured down all of a sudden and with carbon rims on i had no brakes and no jacket with me.
I was drenched, but happy and had the satisfying ache in my legs to let me know that today had done what it was designed to do...Hurt!
There is more to come through this week, with two long runs planned and long swims every day. The bike is still the focus this week and that is going to get me in even deeper sh!t with the wife.
I'll make it up to her in the off season.
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