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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon


exmrtrobby exmrtrobJan 1st 2013
I'm new to this but let me start with an intro into how I began this Triathlon Training Hell and what has brought me here.
A few of my friends and I have walked up the Highest mountain in South Wales / Southern Britain, Pen y Fan, every Saturday morning for some time now. We were all members of a local voluntary Mountain Rescue Team at the time. We even gave the walk a name we did it so often. It was the Pen y Fan Breakfast Club. We used to be at the summit for Sunrise through the Winter months.
While on these strolls a few of us used to talk of personal challenges and training etc. HJ used to dream of being allowed to run the London Marathon, CP used to run every where and loved the challenge of long distance over the hills, while GO dreamed of shooting things!
We were all reasonably fit people who devoted our time when needed to assist others hurt and lost in the mountains and valleys of South Wales. I brought up the subject of Triathlon as a challenge one day and the idea sort of took hold...with me that is. My mates thought I was a bit mentally unstable and avoided the subject.
I signed up for my challenge race, The Tuska Tri in Porthcawl. I had 12 weeks to get sorted. The first step was working out where to start. The scales!
Jumping on for the first time in years was a shock!!! I was able to hike for hours, could climb in summer and winter better than a lot of people around me. I was nearly 250lbs / 113kg! Frightening. How had it got this bad? Why was I so lazy? It was time though, I had made the change. Training would begin now!
12 weeks was not long enough!
I'd blown any spare cash on a bike, clothing and running shoes. a borrowed wetsuit was to be a compromise, I'd advise against this!
I finished the event...but not quickly. 1.47.43 is not a good time for a Sprint and was 47 minutes slower than the slip of a guy who had won. I wasn't trying to win but it would have been nice not to embarrass myself. My family and friends consoled me. "You did well...You finished" It just wasn't good enough for me. So I continued to train. Now it's a new year, and my training is stronger...I am stronger, fitter, healthier and most of all, a hell of a lot lighter than I was in May 2012!
This will be my Vent from now on as my family and friends are fed up with hearing about my training, triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. I will now spout on endlessly here, at the screen, and maybe some one else will read it.
I hope you enjoy our boring journey together. Bring on 2013, new challenges and new aches and pains.
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Jan 2nd 2013 10:42
Love it! I gave myself a bit longer than 12 weeks before my first one and it came at the end of a long weight loss period for me, but it has been a reason and a way of keeping up the good work. Climbed Snowdon for the first time in 2012. Loved it!
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