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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Making up for lost training

exmrtrobby exmrtrobAug 12th 2013
A week after my disastrous first attempt at a middle distance tri I've been trying to make up for the waste of taper and race distance.
In a usual week I would normally put in around 12hrs of training. This week I pushed the envelope a little and crammed in 22!
There was a lot of swimming, five sessions at 3.5km each. There were slow plods taking an hour, speed work sessions covering the distance in intervals, and race pace efforts cracking out the Ks in 35mins.
There was a lot of cycling: hour and a half turbo sessions, 60 mile long rides, 25 mile TT sessions, hour blasts, circuits and a 36 mile strength session.
Running! Don't even talk to me about running. I hate running. It's boring, painful and in my case slow and sweaty. But I put the mileage in this week. Monday night swim set turned into a brick session. 3.5km plod followed by 10km run. 8km Tuesday night run off the bike, 5km threshold the next night, 12km plod run and another 5km recovery run. Saturday was swim, 60 mile bike and a 8mile run. Sunday was swim, 25 mile TT and 10km pace run with intervals.
I'm a destroyed wreck of a man but still fat and old.
There will be disruption this week as I have to make a business's trip to the North East on Wednesday and that means a night off. I'm not happy about it but have to pay the bills somehow.
I promise to punish myself Thursday for being weak.
That's all I have for this sitrep so wait - out!
thinmanby member: thinman, Aug 16th 2013 21:24
be careful! big increases in training is great for punishing yourself in lots of ways, mostly injury. Take a minute to think about what went well at the race (I'm sure can find something if you think about it) and then put a plan together to make sure the same issues doesn't happen next time. Train and race smart and you will have actually benefited from this experience.
Or keep on training until your body breaks and then you can excuse yourself all training and join the couch potatoes!
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