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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Managing Downtime

exmrtrobby exmrtrobOct 2nd 2013
Well, it's here folks. The "Off Season" is upon us, and if you're anything like me you are currently piling on the weight you worked so hard to lose in the early season!
It's hard this taking it easy malarkey. Not much fun at all. Two Swims a week, Three Runs a week and no Cycling! Well, they are my rules anyway.
I've put the bike away and decided to work on my weakness through the Winter...Running. It's been a weakness since i took up the challenge of taking part in Triathlon and I intend to be faster and more fluid off the bike next year.
Its tougher now in the down time to even motivate myselkf to go training and when I'm there I don't have the right mindset to really push on. I've been resting longer between sets at the pool. I have scheduled runs planned, with some longer sessions and some speed sessions. But my mind wanders and work is creeping in more with every day.
I've been set a deadlined project at work and there is a colousal amount of work to get through before December as well as trying to learn everything there is to learn about health & safety for an exam I have in December. I'm sat here in my kitchen now typing this at Ten at night as I've ony just finished working and I missed a pool session tonight because of the work.
I am managing in my head but my body is rebelling. Oh, there goes another biscuit!
I'll be twenty stone come January at this rate.
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