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A new year in Triathlon
A new year in Triathlon

Planning for 2013

exmrtrobby exmrtrobJan 2nd 2013
Well, Christmas and the New Year Celebrations are over (not that they really begin for me) and now I am busy planning my training schedule around my main events for the year ahead.
I feel I have a base of fitness to build on now, but areas that are lacking. For me, Running is a painful experience and no matter how fancy or plush the training shoes are, it still hurts. Being ex-forces my knees and shins are in a pretty grim state and no matter what exercise or stretching I do they don't really get better. I struggle to run long distance and to date it's only new playlists on the iPhone and a healthy dose of ibuprofen that keeps me going out to trudge the roads.
I have several playing fields within easy reach to run on a softer surface, but its rained so much lately that I would better off bog-snorkling than running around them! So, back to the road it is then.
I have planned some longer runs now and they will now form the basis of my weekend training times.
I always kick the weekend off with an early swim in the local pool, and try and swim for a minimum of 45 mins (about 2km) depending on my schedule for that weekend. Run is normally next, and this gets attacked about an hour later after some breakfast. I have several routes that I run which contain loops and circuits which keep me within a couple of km of home in-case I get injured. I don't so much as plan to fail, I'm just naturally pessimistic. The furthest so far is just over 12km and takes me on a 'Tempo Run' about 50mins. Not Fast, but not too bad either.
Trouble is, for my 'A' Event this year I will have to run 21km! This gives me nightmares! Still...being temporarily positive for a moment, I can improve the run distance as I edge towards September.
I love the Bike training, and this is last for the Saturday session. I even love the trainer sessions on the turbo with intervals. It's a love that has been on/off for more than 20 years. I took up mountain biking first and through a local club got persuaded into road racing and time trials. TT was brilliant. Known amoung the old pros as 'the race of truth', there is nowhere to hide. You versus the clock. I used to be able to go under the hour for 25miles and under 25mins for 10m. It's not quite back to those standards yet, but I'm improving all the time.
Swimming is OK too. I worked for a year as a life guard at the local pool when I was young and the techniques stolen from sitting watching the swim club have come back to me. I had the basics, now I need to make them fast. .
Getting back to all three sports however and then throwing them together is a hard task for anyone, so I cut myself a little slack as an old man.
I keep reading new training plans and thinking they aren't hard enough, they don't provide enough endurance and they won't work for me. I don't give them a chance however, and have till now created my own bizarre schedule of training. I base it on a mixture of time and distance. I'm not one for Power Meters and Computers, for me, it's about feel and heart rate. I've bought a HRM now and will base my early season training around working in "Zone 2", while adding in the odd speed and tempo session in an attempt to throw a proverbial spanner at my body. If I can trick it into thinking it's only 30 I'll be chuffed!
So, planning for the unknown with a schedule that is confused is a mammoth task, but one that I am looking forward to. There are only two events nailed into my year so far...2 is the Tuska Tri in Porthcawl. I really want to do again as it was where I lost my Triathlon Cherry and it was a disaster so should be easy to improve. #1 is the "A" event of the year and that is...Half Challenge Henley.
Swim 1.2m - Cycle 56m - Run 13.1m.
I pray the Gods of Training and Strong Bones, gives me the strength to get there, and then allow me to complete it.
tallguy76by member: tallguy76, Feb 25th 2013 14:44
I don't want to sound like I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs, but have you had your gait analysed before buying your running shoes ?

I used to run in a pair of New Balance trainers that I bought from a generic sports store because they were in the sale, and probably put far too many miles on them. My weight is now up around the 260lb mark and while I was a little lighter the last time I was running my knees hurt up until the point I had a pair of shoes selected at a specialist running shop after being videoed on their treadmill in a shirt and tie during my lunch break...

I'm not looking forward to the pain when I start running again, but it eases off once the weight starts dropping. All the best for 2013.
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