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Early training before it gets serious
Getting ready to start training proper nervous but looking forward to it.

1st week progress

gimleyby gimleyApr 2nd 2011
Well first week training past 9hr 30min.

Going to be increasing next week had a few hurdles this week had 2 fillings to get so Friday night heavy spin session cancelled basically couldn't feel my bottom jaw or my tongue so prob not a good idea to do spin.
Still finding the swimming hard i know it is only the first week proper training of sorts so i just got to keep reminding myself it will take time and not freak out if i have a bad day because i am sure i will get some good days.

My only concern at the moment is that i still dont have a road bike still only got my mountain bike which is a good one but its not the same, just not in a position to buy one just now as i am going to NZ in June through to end of July for holiday so cash is all tied up just now. Think the best option will be to save the cash when i come back and get a end of season bike say in oct/nov time dont want to have to wait that long but as it is my first road bike i think that is the sensible thing to do.
If anyone here wants to leave a comment with suggestions that would be appreciated ( i am 5 7' ).

Will blog for next week once that week is over and my first yoga session as well. My plan next week
Body pump then swim - Monday
Yoga - Tuesday
Resitance training then swim - Wednesday
4.5 mile run then swim - Thursday
Tennis ( 2.5 hrs ) then swim and in evening spin class - Friday
Perhaps a swim if not will be day off - Saturday
Big spin session endurance based class 1.5 hrs - Sunday

See what happens should be fun though, i know there is not much running there just now but just trying to go real easy with that so i dont kill my knee again.

Any thoughts - do you think it would be a good idea to get a proper swim coach.
PennyHby member: PennyH, Apr 12th 2011 22:02
I am rubbish at swimming but I am improving slowly for two reasons. I had an underwater video session, and I joined the local triathlon club and go to a coached swim session once a week. That and 2 swim session set by the coach I have signed up with and it is getting better. Painfully slowly but improving!
Early morning run - no pain yeha
gimleyby gimley Mar 26th 2011
I say early morning but early for me as i am working later i normally have a long lie in. I am looking to get the training kicked started again and really looking to do a dual end of this year a tri next year and an ironman the year after. My pro...
Training thoughts
gimleyby gimley Mar 25th 2011
Just about to kick start training proper for triathalon. This is week is been slow start just trying not to rush into anything again, my knee still causes problems so just going to stick to low small runs. Swimming is hard stamina wise - will jus...
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