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Early training before it gets serious
Getting ready to start training proper nervous but looking forward to it.

Early morning run - no pain yeha

gimleyby gimleyMar 26th 2011
I say early morning but early for me as i am working later i normally have a long lie in.

I am looking to get the training kicked started again and really looking to do a dual end of this year a tri next year and an ironman the year after.
My problem has always been training to hard to fast, I seem more adapt at distance running never really had a lung or heart problem that would prevent me from going out and running 2hrs even though i am built more like a sprinter.
But as there is always a but, i did to much training last year 3 times a week doing 2 hr runs and i think i goosed my knee, front outside pain later in run and then just totally seized up to the point of not being able to bend the knee. As time went on the running time came down as the knee started to seize earlier to the point i was only able to 30 mins before it started.
So this time i am being sensible and doing some short runs for the next month or so like 30 mins max 45 min, and started yoga and doing some resistance training which i didnt really do before. And as i am wanting to do a tri next yr i have started swimiming 2-3 times a week as well.
I just hope this practical approach will work and my knee will be fine, private has done what they can and i have rested it for 6 months, but the local GP wont send me for x-ray just to make sure there is nothing hidden damaged (ligaments etc).
So keep fingers crossed and i wont over do it this time.
Tags: knee, pain, yoga
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