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Tri-ing Again
My name is Givens Phillips. I raced as an age grouper for a few seasons several years ago. Now I am trying to get back into shape and am wanting to race again now that my 12 year old daughter has taken an interest in the sport. These are my observations and experiences along the journey down that road. I hope you enjoy.

Kinetic by Kurt Review

givensby givensMar 20th 2010
Last night was my first ride on my new Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer and these are my impressions and observations of it. My initial impression was this thing is built like a tank. It is extremely heavy compared to my old trainer. This thing is very solidly built, I would even say over built. This trainer would probably be strong enough to hold several bikes. The trainer was very easy to assemble. It had few pieces and all I needed was an Allen wrench and it was supplied by the manufacturer. My first thought when I first got on was it is much smoother and realistic than my last trainer. It has an amazingly realistic road feel. I rode for an hour. I did not utilize the ability to rock the bike side to side on this initial ride but I can see that it is going to be a very beneficial ability to have. It had a realistic feel. It coasts down when you stop pedaling and when you apply pressure to the pedals it feels just like riding outside on the road. In conclusion, so far I love it. After my first ride it seems it will be a great addition to my training. At this point I would recommend it for anyone wanting a realistic indoor cycling experience. The only drawback I can find is the price. It is steep at close to $600.00 but it has a lifetime warranty but as heavily as it is built it appears to be able to handle the task. Has anyone else bought the same trainer and what are your thoughts; especially if you have had it for a while.
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