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Tri-ing Again
My name is Givens Phillips. I raced as an age grouper for a few seasons several years ago. Now I am trying to get back into shape and am wanting to race again now that my 12 year old daughter has taken an interest in the sport. These are my observations and experiences along the journey down that road. I hope you enjoy.

Long Ride Slowdown

givensby givensApr 5th 2010
I have been neglecting my blog writing...but this is a good thing because it was due to the fact that I have been able to get in more training than usual. A lot of the time life gets in the way of training, but this week I actually got to do more than I had planned.
I got in a very rare (for me) long training ride this weekend, nearly three hours. It was a recovery ride nice very easy pace. I had a friend I had not ridden with in probably over a year come along. This helped me to stay in a recovery zone since I am a little faster than him right now. So sometimes it is good to not always ride with faster, stronger people. It made me slow down and keep my pace easy, I usually end up pushing myself even when I am supposed to be taking it easy. It just goes to show that nothing is absolute...sometimes you do have to slow down to get faster.
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