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Tri-ing Again
My name is Givens Phillips. I raced as an age grouper for a few seasons several years ago. Now I am trying to get back into shape and am wanting to race again now that my 12 year old daughter has taken an interest in the sport. These are my observations and experiences along the journey down that road. I hope you enjoy.

Planning and following through.

givensby givensMar 15th 2010
Today I had planned to get in a swim workout. I had planned to ride my bike to work and back. Real life obligations cancelled my bike commute at the last minute.Today I will accomplish one out of the two things I had planned. Such is the way it goes in my life. I imagine most people are the same way.
The moral of the story is always plan ahead and if your life is as hectic as mine is sometimes, make multiple plans for multiple possible scenarios for how the day may go. This seems to be the best way for me to get in my workouts. I figure if I plan 1-3 workouts and I only get in one then I am still making progress toward my goals. Sometimes I know ahead of time I will not be able to get in multiple workouts but I plan them anyway. This is for a if/then situation such as if I get finished with job A early then I have time to complete workout A but if job A takes longer then I may still be able to get in workout B instead if I finish the next task on time or ahead of schedule.
The main point is to be flexible and try to plan ahead instead of just saying sometime today I will go for a ride or what ever your workout is. Triathlon is a demanding sport. It takes time and effort to train consistently when you have a job, family and all the other obligations of life. So go ahead and plan your schedule even though you know you may not get all your workouts in, there is always room to add in one more workout tomorrow.....By the way, I did get in that swim workout. Now if I could only finish up the chores around the house this afternoon in time to fit in some time on the trainer.
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