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Tri-ing Again
My name is Givens Phillips. I raced as an age grouper for a few seasons several years ago. Now I am trying to get back into shape and am wanting to race again now that my 12 year old daughter has taken an interest in the sport. These are my observations and experiences along the journey down that road. I hope you enjoy.

Staying Motivated After Rest Days

givensby givensMar 23rd 2010
I wrote before about feeling bad when I miss a day of training and how I do not usually schedule rest days because invariably they get forced onto me by circumstances out of my control. I now want to focus on the prob;em I have with these forced rest days.
When I miss a day of training I feel bad. Sometimes I get a little moody and cranky. In general I just feel bad. I think to myself at the end of the day, "you could have/ should have fit something in today". I get a little down on myself for missing. I am sure I am not alone in this.
My main problem is when I have two or more of these forced rest days in a row. That is when I really seem to get down. Then my motivation starts to waiver a bit and I have to focus and make myself get off my butt and do something. Make myself how good I feel after I finish a workout. It is funny how alive you feel after an especially difficult workout. There is nothing quite like finishing and when you stop and are catching your breath and the sweat is just pouring and you ache all over and you think "I am glad that is done...can't wait to do it again." Ah, the joys of killing yourself to feel alive.
Just in case you have not figured it out, yesterday I had one of my forced rest days and I am attempting to motivate myself to make sure no matter what I do not string a couple of them together this week. I think it is working, I may go for a swim on my lunch break.
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