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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
How much work does it take to become a cyclist who can put in some decent performances in local TT and Road Races?

All will come to those that weight !

gpw66by gpw66Aug 11th 2010
Ok so completed my first bike specific weight session last night. Having spent the last few months on relatively low reps and looking to regain some lost lean body weight it seemed a bit weird doing sets of 15 reps but really enjoyed it.

The fact that there are some different exercises included in the session from those that I normally do really helps with keeping the interest high - e.g. Empty the Cans (standing side lateral raises but keeping your thumbs turned down as if your were .... emptying cans !)

The sessions appear in the book "Weight training for cyclists" by Doyle and Schmitz and I'm going to give them a go in combination with the cycle plan. At present only going to do 1 weights session a week as a maintenance thing.

On the other weight related issue - despite more careful eating and starting back at the exercise, I PUT ON !!!! 2 lbs since last week. Although according to the calipers no major shift in body fat. This is going to be a long process and I need to take that view of it. Target weight is 12st 7 lbs ... boy that seems like a long way off at the moment !
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