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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
How much work does it take to become a cyclist who can put in some decent performances in local TT and Road Races?

Day 1

gpw66by gpw66Aug 9th 2010
Ok back from hols having managed to avoid the Grizzly Bears and also fit in 3 turbo sessions in the hotel gym, a long mountain bike cycle (which was great fun!) and three weights sessions. Oh and enough Canadian red beer to mean I weighed the heaviest I have ever beeen on my return !

However, the training programme is now in my Triblogs planner and I'm ready to go. The weeks contain 5 bike sessions and 1 cycling specific weights session. Due to work/family I may have to manipulate when but hopefully not the content too often.

Today is Day 1. Completed a 52 minute Endurance Miles ride at 50-91% of the HR average from the benchmark. For me this means between 90-165 bpm.

Well 91% seemed pretty specific to me and meant that going over a sleeping policeman had all the potential power of taking me out of the zone. Reviewing my HRM at the end of the ride and my average HR was 162 bpm. Possibly a bit high but pleasingly still in the allowed zone. Great start.
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