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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
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Fail to prepare ... prepare to fail

gpw66by gpw66Aug 14th 2010
Blast ! Pants ! Drat ! Gutted ! Ok I may be overstating it a bit but I have failed to keep myself on track with organising myself for this latest challenge ALREADY ! I had created a prep sheet for myself to ensure that my bike, my equipment and the rides etc were well organised before I went on them and yet this morning (I know only six days in to my new challenge !!) I couldn't find my HRM chest strap for my 90 minute Endurance Miles ride.

I profess to be well organised. I'm not. My better half who seems to have every detail of everything in her head - you know the sort of things, birthdays of all 10 nephews and nieces, parents, parents-in-law, best friends, parents of best friends (ok maybe not the last one but hey!) - she would confirm I'm nowhere near as well organised as I like to think I am. Hence the check list. After all the devil is in the detail and all that. Hence my frustration when, despite my checklist, I managed to get ready at 0730 this morning only to be unable to find my HRM belt. It could have something to do with not having looked at my checklist all week but now I'm only guessing .....

Anyway the ride was brilliant, along the Pilgrims' Way - yep of Chaucer's various tales - undulating and pretty much traffic free. I think my HR must have been in about the right zone as I managed 92 rpm cadence. One more session this week then done. Rest day on Monday is looking attractive right now.
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