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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
How much work does it take to become a cyclist who can put in some decent performances in local TT and Road Races?

Less is more ...

gpw66by gpw66Aug 12th 2010
So my second cycle session produced yet more evidence that I have tended to train at too high a HR both when in the active part of a session and the recovery elements.

This is no major surprise as when I was completing a Triathlon plan through it similarly required that my early sessions actually were very manageable in relation to HR zones, which meant that I managed to complete a high % of the sessions prescribed. I have a resting HR of 42 bpm and a max HR on a bike of 203 bpm.

Yesterday evening when I went out for my approx 70 mins cycle the real challenge was picking a low enough gear to enable me to keep the cadence high but the HR in the allotted 5 beat range (that is quite narrow banding on a hilly course !). However, good fun, knew that I had worked and yet finished feeling relatively fresh.

Today has been a planned rest day. Tommorow another steady state interval session then the weekend brings two longer rides. Cool.
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