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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
How much work does it take to become a cyclist who can put in some decent performances in local TT and Road Races?

Stage 1 - Outline the project and a bit of benchmarking

gpw66by gpw66Jul 14th 2010
So Stage 1, well more like The Prologue really: The What? a bit of the Why? and quite a lot of the How? follow ...

What am I trying to achieve?
Well to really get myself into the whole bike scene and in the process get prepared to compete at a local level in some road racing and time trials. As a 43 year old relative newbie to cycling I think that I might be ok at 10 milers: I am relatively heavy for a cyclist having been a power athlete (Judo) in my youth and still prefer weight training to endurance stuff, so may be able to generate good power. I want to find a 10 mile TT to aim for in October - want to crack on fairly quickly to establish where I am now.

Also, I'm going to trial Chris Carmichael's "Time Crunched Cyclist" programme. I'll do this as close to the letter as a job that sees me away from home a bit and kids who need to be ferried around a lot will allow ! The programme looks pretty scientifically based and needs just 6 hours of cycling per week.

Why am I doing this?
No idea really - just fancied trying something a bit different plus it's a good test to see if I can still generate enough power to be any good at sprint road racing/TT.

Well other than following the programme I'm also following a weight training programme and a nutrition programme (although the latter more loosely !!). I'll get some photos to share and post my ramblings on a regular basis.

Do share any insights/thoughts that you might have and I'd welcome any advice you can offer !
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