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Sprocket rocket
Sprocket rocket
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Turbo charged sessions

gpw66by gpw66Aug 16th 2010
The turbo trainer: I love it.

A number of people I know think that they are the worst of sessions, if they ever have to do them and will only succumb to the tedium when there is six feet of snow on the ground and they haven't moved over to their winter tyres yet. Not me.

I have a very basic Minoura turbo, nothing flash but one of the best birthday gifts I've been lucky enough to receive. It doesn't have any gizmos on it, just a plain and simple set of adjustable tensions and a great flywheel, with a simple system for attaching my bike. Great.

The best thing for me about turbo sessions is the control that they can give you when training in HR and cadence combination, that riding on the road with various humps, bumps, hills and traffic can make less consistent. Interval sessions become very satisfying instead of mildly frustrating (although to date, I have still completed most of my sessions on the road). I can't see the need for a turbo trainer that ends up looking like a 1980s arcade game, hooked up to your TV and a digital version of the Tour of Uzbekistan, while you sweat all over your newly laid real wood laminate floor.

Keep it simple that's what I say. Occasionally a little concession I make is a bit music on the Walkman when I'm doing a longer session (can't beat a bit of Status Quo) but other than that, focusing on the session and the data from my bike computer and the HRM seem to provide more than enough areas to focus on.

And having learned from being unprepared already this week, yesterday morning I was up promptly and on the turbo for a great steady state interval session. 60 sweaty minutes later I was off and heading up for a shower, with the music of the "three chord rock magicians" still ringing in my ears ... rockin all over the world ....
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