Tri an Mhi - Irish National Middle Distance Championships 2013

May is the month of Mary.....and Tri an Mhi

hayesandrew7by hayesandrew7May 30th 2013
Well as we hit the long bank Holiday weekend, i am starting my recovery week from Saturday until Friday next week, before the Wicklow 200 cycle where we have decided to push hard and push on.
Its been an interesting 3 week hard block in which i had my first important race of the season in tri an Mhi middle distance irish championship which was a definite success.
I have had a 14 and almost 18 hour 2 week period since then and have to say while i get on with it and give all my sessions 110% , i feel an underlying tiredness which is a culmination of numerous factors, chiefly training and racing load.
This week i had my usual 4 week visit to Alex and was the first time i actually had a specific complaint.
i knew it was nothing serious and notihing in particular that had occurred during training but was a nerve related pain around my hamstring and adductor.
i have had it before in the past and just needed some work by Alex on my Glutes and hammer to loosen and stretch the muscle, allowing it to breathe and the nerve to settle down. As usual it was a painful experience - elbows heavily pressed on hammers always will be but while i am sore today, i am confident it will improve after my swim tonight.

The leg has recovered very well with little in the way of interruption to my training and long may that continue.
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