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London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
With the season over for 2012, sights are now set on the ITU World Champs in London in September 2013. Qualification race booked at the Dambuster in June, so 7 months of graft awaits!

Airport baggage

jamesrunchmanby jamesrunchmanOct 14th 2012
So, I get to check in nice and early to try and get a decent seat, which it appeared was a waste of time cos all the seats are pre-booked. But I managed to turn on the charm with the check in staff and blagged myself a window emergency exit seat, all gravy so far! Good for a great sleep on the plane and close to emergency exit in case of "difficulties". Then the shenanagins commence! Malaysian airlines are not quite ready for 50 (approx) GB triathletes to pile through check-in with enough bike equipment to kit out the Tour de France!
"Thank you sir, in order to check in you will have to take your bike to the weighing station (somewhere else in terminal 4) and then return to the check in desk".
Followed by - "now you have checked in you will have to take your bike to the outsize baggage desk" (Also somewhere else in terminal 4).
This seems fair enough you would think? Only to find that the "outsize" baggage desk is too small to accept my OUTSIZED baggage!
"Sorry sir you will have to take your outsize baggage to the oversize outsize baggage desk" (also somewhere else in Terminal 4).
You may now sense that the vein on the side of my temple is beginning to throb! Onward then to the oversize outsize baggage desk, simples? Oh no, not for young runchman!
"Sorry sir the oversize outsize baggage desk is closed due to a technical malfunction with the oversize outsize baggage belt".
Are you bored of this yet? I was!!!!!
"Could you take your bike to the outsize baggage desk"? Cue slight toys out of pram moment.
"are you winding me up mate? Is your name Dom Jolly?" I responded. Followed by "your mate has just sent me down here".
"In that case sir you will have to go back to check in"
Back to check in then.
"Now look here you check in chaps, this is a jolly bad show" probably what I should have said, and we won't go into my actual retort, suffice to say I ended up in a dusty back room / corridor (somewhere else in terminal 4) having my bike box searched by humourless security personnel and praying that I wasn't next, the security bloke looked like he had very thick fingers!
Anyway, am now airside savouring the delights of UK airport retail culture - "relax and shop" being their mantra. Relax, my arse! (No reference here to previous paragraph by the way) Just make sure you get my effing bike to Auckland in one piece, then I might relax! I have as much faith in my precious carbon baby actually arriving in NZ as I believe I might be able to make a few quid if I EBay my Jim'll Fix It badge!
Anyway, that's our call to board so I will sign off here. Auckland awaits, here we go! Wonder why they are handing out parachutes!
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