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London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
With the season over for 2012, sights are now set on the ITU World Champs in London in September 2013. Qualification race booked at the Dambuster in June, so 7 months of graft awaits!

Here We Go!

jamesrunchmanby jamesrunchmanOct 21st 2012
Great day today, although we had a dodgy start. Dave was up in the night and has not been well, he thinks he has eaten something ropey. He has been bad all day and hasn't Been able to eat anything, not good going onto race day. We have been force feeding him dirolyte in the hope that he will be ok for the morning, to come all this way and not be able to race would be devastating. On the plus side he has had plenty of sleep. I know this sounds a bit mercenary and selfish but I have been staying clear of the room in case I get whatever it is he has been infected with, sorry Dave. I did traipse around Auckland this morning looking for a chemist that was open on Sunday though ( there wasn't but we managed to scrounge up some drugs from fellow team members).

Another successful day for Team GB. You might now be aware that Johnny Brownlee came second in his race today which means he is the new triathlon world champion. I managed to scrounge a ticket to the grandstand, it turned out that the seat was in the front row right at the finish line and opposite the big screen. I saw the whole race from position A, fantastic! However the weather here at the moment is awful, it has been raining cats and dogs all day and I got soaked watching. Hope it clears up for tomorrow!

Bumped in to Johnny later on in the hotel lift, I get the feeling that he might be a little disappointed in not winning the race! He did say that it was a tough one and that he was knackered, you can see by the photo that he has been through it!
What a great year for the British Team though and particularly for the Brownlee brothers, Gold and bronze at the Olympics and now world champion!

Got my final training in this morning, felt really strong and smooth in the pool, was also feeling great on the bike and run. Itching to get cracking in the morning! In the afternoon, after the elite race, we had to rack our bikes in transition. There are circa 3000 athletes racing tomorrow in the sprint distance race and my Olympic distance. You can only imagine the size and scale of the logistics for this thing. Transition is like nothing I have ever seen, it is vast and I am not alone in fearing the worst and not being able to find my bike! I have this horrible vision of wandering around in a blind panic searching for my trusty steed! Still, if all else fails I could just wait until everyone has cycled out and take the last bike standing!

So, this is it! Less than a year in the making! I remember it well, reading the article in Triathlon 220 Magazine about qualifying for the Triathlon World Championships and thinking "I wonder"? Months later, I received the email from The British Triathlon Federation informing me that I had actually qualified for the team, and in my first season! Now the day is finally here, tomorrow morning I will don the GB colours and compete on the world stage for my country! I still can't really believe it! It is a real emotional roller-coaster! On the one hand I am very nervous and full of self doubt, but on the other I am confident that I am ready. I have trained hard for a year to get me in the best shape of my life and I have nothing to fear! I have raced this distance many times in conditions just as difficult as they could be tomorrow, so suck it up boy and get on with it!

This will be my last blog until after the race. I go at 09:35 (21:35 Sunday in UK time) with 100 plus others in my age group. Hopefully I will be done by 11:45 depending on the weather and wind. Top half finish would be nice, anything higher a bonus. Will let you all know how it goes, or you could try and follow my progress on the ITU Website. In the meantime; once more unto the breach....cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war...........for God, Harry and St George............we will fight them on the beaches............some of the crowd are in the pitch................U turn if you want to............your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off...........

Nope, none of this is helping, I am absolutely sh***ing myself!
by guest: Sean, Paula, Joe & Jack, Oct 21st 2012 10:51
All the best for tomorrow James, we will be watching on whatever media we manage to get functioning! Kids will even be allowed to stay up & watch some of it, so if Joe fails his maths & geography exams then it's all your fault (just a small bit of added pressure mate).

Will be watching the Brownlee race this afternoon to get a feel for the event. Also, we toured the 'virtual' course on the website last night - we were all exhausted after that, so good luck with the real thing!

Sounds like an incredible experience already. Best of British for tomorrow, enjoy the race & kick some ass! Go GB!!
by guest: ruby and william, Oct 21st 2012 14:21
by guest: Robert & Angela, Oct 21st 2012 21:12
Hi James, RUN FOREST RUN!!......TEAM RUNCHMAN ...good luck for tomorrow and enjoy every second! You'll do us proud.xx love from the lambertons
by guest: Robert & Angela, Oct 21st 2012 21:12
Hi James, RUN FOREST RUN!!......TEAM RUNCHMAN ...good luck for tomorrow and enjoy every second! You'll do us proud.xx love from the lambertons
by guest: Carole, Oct 22nd 2012 00:38
Well done James! No idea what your time is but you past the line at 12.24 NI time. Have a great time in NZ, you can relax now!!

Love from Fyrth's
jamesrunchmanby blog author: jamesrunchman, Oct 22nd 2012 02:24
Thanks everyone. Back in the hotel; shower, change, bar!

That was emotional. Swim was crazy once you got out from the sheltered harbou. The swell was about 6 feet and you couldn't spot the buoys. I really thought I was going to end up adrift in the Pacific. Bike and run was great, massive crowds, sprint finish, with an Aussie who I destroyed! Will do a full "match report" tomorrow! See you all soon
by guest: Sean, Oct 22nd 2012 09:20
Well done James. Saw you come through the line, although by then it was all a bit hectic with lots of people finishing at once. Managed to see you with arms aloft though and you also got mention from the announcer - that was great as he was very 'pro-Antipodean' for most of the time.

Look forward to reading your synopsis of the whole experience and hope you had a good few beers last night after all of that effort!
by guest: Mum and Dad, Oct 22nd 2012 11:00
Hi, Well done what an achievement. Hope you are relaxing now with a few beers. I sent an email to you but I think I had the wrong address. We are very proud of you and you must have been knackered.

Loads of love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by guest: Linda and David, Oct 22nd 2012 16:12
Hi James,
Very well done! Glad you came through unscathed. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved drink.
by guest: lambertons!!, Oct 22nd 2012 19:59
Well done you, enjoy the rest if your trip,can't wait to hear all about it x
by guest: Wendy, Oct 22nd 2012 21:27
Hi Honey!

And Runchman for Britain crosses the line!!!!

All our love Wendy, Becca, Sam and Harry xxxxxxxxxx
by guest: Sean, Oct 22nd 2012 21:46
Who is Harry?
by guest: Wendy, Oct 22nd 2012 22:23
Hi Sean - have you not heard - you're an uncle again......
to a king charles shitszu cross !! lol

I'll send you a pic x
by guest: Sean, Oct 23rd 2012 13:54
I must have missed that bit of news. Congratulations on your new arrival! 'Harry' - where the heck did that name come from!?
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