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London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
London 2013; Misty eyed optimist?
With the season over for 2012, sights are now set on the ITU World Champs in London in September 2013. Qualification race booked at the Dambuster in June, so 7 months of graft awaits!

Wheels fallen off!

jamesrunchmanby jamesrunchmanOct 7th 2012
Was distracted slightly during the week by a party I had to go to in the week. Went with every intention of not touching the demon drink and all went well for the first 15 minutes with a glass of iced water in my hand. Incredibly, this glass turned into a one containing wine! Next thing i remember was being outside a pub in London spinning dits and telling jokes until midnight. Good job I had to catch a lift home or I would have been with the rest of my mates in a backpackers bar until 4 in the morning! However, two day hangover ensued and only got the wheels back on the training wagon on Saturday. Hate hangovers!
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