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JLT Health Triathlon Blog
JLT Health Triathlon Blog
There is nothing like committing to an event to focus the mind and the training. Watch here for the ups and downs as I start the new regime towards my first triathlon in June 2013.

Time to get the kit

jlthealthby jlthealthDec 26th 2012
Off tomorrow to the Triathlon shop in Bristol to get my kit sorted out. I will have my training programme refined this week. It looks punishing already, and the first month will be hell. All for the results though...roll on 2013
jlthealthby blog author: jlthealth, Dec 31st 2012 16:07
Sadly, shop closed until the 4th, so time spend planning the training and some races. First landmark race will be the Bristol 10k on 5th May. Still trying to arrange the BADTri camp attendance in March 2013.
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