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Tri-Balance (Pushing Limits Intelligently)
Tri-Balance (Pushing Limits Intelligently)
I am a newbie age-grouper. I am currently 40, and at 37 after my back surgeon (I had 2 back surgeries and a knee surgery) said I'd never run again I settled into a more sedentary lifestyle. I am a full-time teacher and artist ( and found my days full with just those elements in place. In my core I am meant to move my body as well, and it's part of a spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, homeostasis. Coming to this knowledge in a deeper way has led me to triathlon. This year will be my first long course (70.3) and hopefully next year a full ironman. However it turns out in the short term, I am seeking to push my limits long term so that I am competing to win Kona in my age group when i am 75 or 80! I believe long term goals push us in the right direction.

This blog will document, share, solicit advice, network, and more than anything else- explore the complexity of trying to balance a full and rich life that invariably comes with training and competing in triathlon.

And So it Begins

jpascaby jpascaFeb 27th 2010
I should really give some background. I have come to this sport with no swimming background, and to date, despite many accomplishments, actually swimming for distance in open water is what I am most proud of. I did something I wasn't sure I could accomplish. I am still not sure what I can accomplish in this sport. True, I hold the goal of winning at Kona when I am 75 or 80, but that goal- sets me towards improvement and towards health, endurance, etc. I do not know.

I've made art today, and will make more art later. I am training a great deal, in general doing strength as well as about 8-10 hours of my discipline specific sports. This will increase over the next few months as I inch closer to my "A Race (Timberman)". I am curious to know in age-groupers 40+, but especially 50+ what kind of strength regime you all use. I really never want to have the type of pain I've had before (back) and so far so good, even as i've increased milage steadily.

This week really was great. Despite not having the money to just go for a new bike, I knew that if it was possible to have a tri bike then I would have to get a phenomenal fit. I went through an incredible process with Master Fitter - Grant Salter from Signature Cycles in Manhattan. ( While there I also got myself a pair of custom fit Shimano tr70's. The moldable footbed gives a custom fit and is incredible as it forms around your individual foot. This is a pricey shoe but worth it long term as it is a lasting shoe and can be remolded. This was especially important to me, as my foot is changing as I am using more of the Vibram 5-finger toe shoes in my training. But the fit was a long process, connected to a computrainer so efficiencies were evident, and lack of them evident as well. The whole process is video- aided and so all the capture can be stopped and measured to get exact degree measurements. It was really incredible. The good news was I can be on a tri bike. The bad news is no Cervelo! My road bike is a Cervelo and it's a little bit like love.... It's unlikely I can get a stock bike due to my back surgeries and the geometry needed for me to be safe and comfortable. More to come on that, after Grant gets back to me regarding my options.

My coaching plan has been worked out with Ben Lloyd- Ben is a serious triathlete and excellent coach. I've posted a link to his site on my page as well.

I am also very interested in meeting others out here from NYC or the East end of Long Island for training partners. I do work out with Asphalt Green Triathlon Club but often can't make their workouts. Anyone going to Timberman? Would love to connect as well.
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