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Tri-Balance (Pushing Limits Intelligently)
Tri-Balance (Pushing Limits Intelligently)
I am a newbie age-grouper. I am currently 40, and at 37 after my back surgeon (I had 2 back surgeries and a knee surgery) said I'd never run again I settled into a more sedentary lifestyle. I am a full-time teacher and artist ( and found my days full with just those elements in place. In my core I am meant to move my body as well, and it's part of a spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, homeostasis. Coming to this knowledge in a deeper way has led me to triathlon. This year will be my first long course (70.3) and hopefully next year a full ironman. However it turns out in the short term, I am seeking to push my limits long term so that I am competing to win Kona in my age group when i am 75 or 80! I believe long term goals push us in the right direction.

This blog will document, share, solicit advice, network, and more than anything else- explore the complexity of trying to balance a full and rich life that invariably comes with training and competing in triathlon.

The creeping competitor in my brain

jpascaby jpascaFeb 28th 2010
I need to keep it in check. I was supposed to run in a simple road race this am. No big deal but my coach wanted me to be in zone 3 into 4. I realized today after sleeping in because my legs are so fatigued- that on my 12 mile run on friday which was supposed to be all aerobic, i pushed at the end. I am convinced that contributed to me being sorer than i should have been. I tend to try and eek every ounce out of a workout as possible and i do think it's taking a toll on subsequent workouts now that my milage is building.

Deciding to be more accurate to my plan and less about pushing each workout to my max... The reason for the post is that although intellectually I know this, I let the focus on the wisdom of the plan deteriorate ever so slightly, because i think i'll just get that much better, only if... or just a bit harder, or......

and so on.

Perhaps on the opposite front, i need to push through my swimming DRILLS- despite my feeling that I absolutely stink at them. Trust the process, and push through the difficulty there....
SwimSwim40min (42%) 1.1km
RunRun40min (43%) 8km
StrengthStrength15min (16%) 0km
Stats for: Feb 28th 2010 (1 days)
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