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Turkey Here I come

justalby justalJan 30th 2013
I've just booked my trip to Turkey and paid my registration fee for the European Age-Group Championships in Alanya this June.

I can't afford it and I don't feel ready but I still have several months of good training lined up before the event so I'm already looking forward to it.

I decided not to book through Nirvana this time as package tours to Turkey are pretty easy to come by and quite a lot cheaper so I won't be staying in the team hotel but I should be just around the corner and hopefully all will go well.

Is anyone else from TriBlogs going?
roborobby member: roborob, Jan 30th 2013 15:21
Al i'm going but haven't booked up yet - where are you staying and do you know if they'll let you keep your bike in your room?
justalby blog author: justal, Jan 30th 2013 15:40
I'm staying in the Miray Hotel... I haven't asked about the bike, but they'll have to let me... It'll be in a bike box so I don't know what they can say really, it'll just look like an oversized suitcase with lots of bike stickers on it!

Oziemby member: Oziem, Jan 30th 2013 18:04
Hope it goes well for you both!
justalby blog author: justal, Jan 30th 2013 18:23
Rob... Feel free to book into the same hotel if it looks OK to you... I'll be travelling out on my own so it would be good to have a friendly face around.

roborobby member: roborob, Feb 10th 2013 18:24
I've given up trying to plan it myself as the missus can only get certain days off, so we've left to Nirvana again this time. Should definitely hook up at some point though out there!
justalby blog author: justal, Feb 10th 2013 19:56
Okey Dokey - I did look through all of the Nirvana options as well especially now that they have a whole list of hotels on their website (thanks to me pestering them for alternatives to the Team Hotel) but as they worked out pretty much twice the price I let Thomas Cook sort it all out for me instead... They are sorting the bike transfers, extra luggage, the lot, just the same really but half the price.

We'll have to meet up though, my hotel is just around the corner from the Team Hotel so no doubt I'll be hanging out in the lobby / coffee shop of the Team Hotel quite a bit anyway... I'll be the one with the painted toenails!!! Don't ask why, they've just always been that way and it's become a bit of a trademark now!

What age-group are you in?

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