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When the Experiment Goes Wrong
justalby justal Jan 24th 2014
I've just written a blog post about Triathlon Training Experiments, highlighted how training for and competing in triathlons is like a constantly evolving experiment where the parameters are forever changing. Sometimes the experiment goes right, o...
Consistency is the key
justalby justal Oct 23rd 2013
Following a successful year in triathlons I decided to think about what has worked and what hasn't this year and came to the conclusion that consistency has been the key. I've therefore just written a bog post on my personal weblog about the Keys to...
Turbo Training with FTP and LTHR
justalby justal Jan 10th 2013
I've been enjoying my turbo training session lately and I've been having some fun with FTP and LTHR sessions thanks to TrainerRoad. It's always nice to have some numbers to think about even if they are only based of virtual power as I can't afford a ...
Hydration and Nutrition
justalby justal Aug 2nd 2012
Training and racing is going well, so I've decided to start learning a little more about sports nutrition. I've been reading loads of sports nutrition books and trying to change my diet a little bit. It wasn't bad to start with though with loads of h...
Back on Board
justalby justal Jun 23rd 2012
You know how it is, after an absolutely gorgeous run on Wednesday morning - a morning made for running - subsequent sessions this week have been a little lack lack lustre. If only all sessions could be good ones. Not to worry though I did manage ...
Post Peak Slump
justalby justal Jun 7th 2012
My Periodised Training Plan that I was working towards along with my coach seems to have worked well. I peaked for my race at the Big Cow Triathlon and managed to attain my goal of qualifying for the ITU Age-Group World Championships. I may have bee...
Big Cow Race Preparations
justalby justal May 24th 2012
Only a few days until my Big Cow Sprint race on Sunday. Preparations have been fairly good, but I'm now starting to worry about the calibre of the competition - Will I end up getting left behind? Read about my Big Cow Race Preparations here. Is...
Speeding Things Up a Little
justalby justal May 9th 2012
Race season is here, so it's out of the Strength and Endurance phase of my training for me and time to do some speed work. Shorter, sharper intervals will be the order of the day, slightly lower volume to start with and slightly higher intensity ...
Reaching Breaking Point
justalby justal Apr 23rd 2012
It's that time of year when I'm hoping to reach a breaking point. Training has been going well as as I approach the end of a strength and endurance phase both volume and intensity has been increasing. It's now time for a recovery week followed by so...
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