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When the Experiment Goes Wrong
justalby justal Jan 24th 2014
I've just written a blog post about Triathlon Training Experiments, highlighted how training for and competing in triathlons is like a constantly evolving experiment where the parameters are forever changing. Sometimes the experiment goes right, o...
Just for the Sake of it.
justalby justal Nov 23rd 2012
I haven't written a blog post here for a while. Mainly because I was in New Zealand for the ITU Triathlon World Championships. The race in Auckland went really well, despite not having run for 12 weeks prior due to a stress fracture I finished i...
Reaching Breaking Point
justalby justal Apr 23rd 2012
It's that time of year when I'm hoping to reach a breaking point. Training has been going well as as I approach the end of a strength and endurance phase both volume and intensity has been increasing. It's now time for a recovery week followed by so...
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