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Race Ready Running, Swimming and Cycling
justalby justal May 6th 2013
I missed the my first race of the season thanks to illness, but my new first race is looming fast. Next weekend in fact in the Cotswolds and I'm looking forward to it now. I've done a few open water swims already and the cold is no longer an issue...
Loving my Vibram FiveFingers
justalby justal Dec 5th 2012
I've been using the Vibram FiveFingers I was given a little bit since I've been back from New Zealand and I think I like them! As I've said before you need to start off slowly with such things and do some short runs in them at first and then gradu...
Vibram FiveFingers - First Impressions
justalby justal Sep 20th 2012
I've recently been given a pair of Vibram FiveFingers to try out and blog about. You've probably seen Vibram FiveFingers before - they are the odd looking shoes with individual toes and they are developing a bit of a cult following amongst those adv...
The positive side to injury
justalby justal Aug 30th 2012
My recent knee injury has meant that I've finally got around to starting some more strength and conditioning work. It's something I'd been neglecting in my training schedule, but while I couldn't run I started to incorporate a couple of sessions a we...
Back to Running
justalby justal Aug 24th 2012
Good news today, I managed to do a run on Wednesday and my knee injury that I've been nursing was fine. At last, I Back to Running, so now its time to gradually increase my run volume again without risking re-injury or hindering the healing proc...
A Brutal New Course Record
justalby justal Jun 27th 2012
Wow, that was quite a run, PB's all over the place. Needless to say I've posted an article about it on my personal weblog so read it here: A Brutal New Course Record. I don't have the energy to write about it again properly here, after that I nee...
A new PB - And it Hurt!
justalby justal May 15th 2012
Did a brick session at the weekend - one of those when on the bike you really aren't looking forward to the run but do it anyway. Decent bike session, proper transition into my new race shoes and off I went. I've only worn these new shoes once bef...
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