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Race Report - ITU Age-Group World Champs London
justalby justal Sep 17th 2013
I've just written a nice long blog post on my personal weblog in the form of a Race report from the ITU Age-Group World Triathlon Champs in London. I won't repeat it all here as you can read it from the above link, but if you can't be bothered, he...
Ready for the World Champs in London
justalby justal Sep 10th 2013
2013 Race Schedule
justalby justal Feb 11th 2013
I've just been finalising my race schedule for 2013 - Don't think I can afford the time, money or energy to do too many races this year though so I've picked a couple of A-priority races and then slotted a few others in around them. You can see th...
Turkey Here I come
justalby justal Jan 30th 2013
I've just booked my trip to Turkey and paid my registration fee for the European Age-Group Championships in Alanya this June. I can't afford it and I don't feel ready but I still have several months of good training lined up before the event so I'...
Just for the Sake of it.
justalby justal Nov 23rd 2012
I haven't written a blog post here for a while. Mainly because I was in New Zealand for the ITU Triathlon World Championships. The race in Auckland went really well, despite not having run for 12 weeks prior due to a stress fracture I finished i...
Revised Racing Schedule
justalby justal Jun 15th 2012
I suddenly seem to have more events and races planned than I thought, although the relative importance of these has changed. My Race Schedule....
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